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  • Barbara W

    As an active senior involved in tennis and pickleball, I have had my share of hip and knee issues. Dr. Juhan has repeatedly been a great resource in listening intently to my pain points and limitations and diagnosing my problems, really explaining to me how the anatomy works. I've been successful i...
  • Devon D

    Dr. Juhan is so incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I saw him for my shoulder and he was very thorough and answered all my questions. He recommended PT and didn't try to push any unnecessary procedures on me. Highly recommend.
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  • Lev L S

    Dr. Juhan is absolutely first-rate! It's so rare to find a doctor who not only listens patiently, but also spends the time to do a careful examination and to explain your diagnosis and treatment options in a straightforward way. This guy is a real find!
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  • Brent R

    Extensive sports med experience. Helped me weigh all possible options for my knee surgery. Felt like he really helped me make the best decision for my circumstances.
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  • Matt V

    After a few years of … not working out my arms … at all … I got back into it a little too hot and injured my shoulder. I was pretty convinced I was going to need surgery or at least serious PT given the sharp pain I was experiencing. It was getting to the point of impacting my day to day life ...
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  • Kate Nixa

    Dr. Juhan is such a wonderful doctor! I have seen him for multiple orthopedic issues. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind and very patient with the laundry list of questions I bring to him each time. Can’t recommend him enough!


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