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  • Jay Reason

    If I could give Dr. Juhan 6/5 stars I would.

    I tore my ACL the beginning of 2023 in a sports accident and wasn't exactly sure what needed to be done to fix it, or how extensive the damage was (because I am not a doctor obviously). Simply put, Dr. Juhan streamlined my recovery. The dia...
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  • Sebastian Cyriac

    Dr Juhan and Jennifer have been incredibly supportive through my ACL and meniscus surgery. Doctor quickly assessed the issue and within a week, had my surgery completed. He also provided me guidance on physiotherapy and exercises post the surgery. Dr presents the facts as they are and it helped me a...
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  • Dan Grove

    Dr. Juhan took amazing care of us. He explained everything in detail, gave us options, performed surgery perfectly, checked in regularly and gave clear instructions for a 16 year old to follow. To top it off, he is also a very nice guy.
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  • Lily Shen

    Absolutely love Dr. Juhan. I had knee pain for years and saw 2 Orthopedic doctors at PAMF, both wanted to do knee replacement without doing any tests. Then my pain got really bad and expanded to different areas of my leg, and the 3rd doctor also did one test and just pushed for hip replacement. S...
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  • Penny P

    Our experience with Dr. Juhan was perfect in every way. With a knee injury, we were able to get answers that family practitioners couldn't explain. We felt that as Dr. Juhan is an experienced sports doc, we were able to understand what the injury was, make sense of his advice, gain the confidence ...
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  • Sheila Miller

    I highly recommend Dr. Tristan Juhan for Orthopedic surgery. I had a great experience with him.
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  • Karrie Grasser

    Excellent care - a very pleasant experience. My hand feel so much better!
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  • Julie Epling

    Dr. Juhan did an outstanding job with my kneecap fracture. He has a great bedside manor in addition to excellent skills. He has an office co-located with West Coast Sports Institute where I received my physical therapy. He kept a close eye on my therapy, communicated effectively with my physical the...
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  • Theresa Christiansen

    I have been to five different orthopedic surgeons in the bay area for my knee, in the past two years. Dr. Juhan is by far the most thorough. He spent the time to figure out why I am having pain, and discussed options with me. He did not go immediately to surgery and instead took the time to talk to ...
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  • Michael Connerton

    Dr. Juhan and the entire staff at WCSI are great. Very professional and efficient. Dr. Juhan took the time to listen to my concerns, understand my issues, and quickly diagnose them. He took the time to make sure I had the correct imaging necessary so that both he and I were confident in the diagnosi...
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